While we wouldn't accept any project before discussing it with the client, this is an overview of the prices that a client should expect for the various levels of website complexity.

Every level includes technical support and training for the included features to insure that you benefit from having them.

For users requiring more complex sites we can not only set up E-Commerce solutions like Shopify and integrate those services with your site, but also hosted systems like OwnCloud or OpenProject, web forums, Wikipedia style Wiki software or similar tools.


Every site package will always include the following items unless otherwise requested.

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Google Search Console Configuration
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Name Configuration
  • Business Email Account Configuration
  • Image, Video and Music Licensing
Basic Company Page

1-3 Pages

Wordpress Content Management

Domain Name

Business Email Account

Search Engine Submission

Advanced Company Page

10+ Pages

Wordpress Content Management

Domain Name

Business Email Account

Search Engine Submission

2-3 Social Media Streams Configured

SEO For Higher Search Ranking

E-Commerce Setup & Integration

3rd Party Tool Integration

Maintainance and Hosting

We preferentially use Google Cloud Hosting for our websites since it gives an excellent mix of price, performance and reliability, though we are happy to use anything the client requests. Likewise we use Google as the back-end for business mail accounts, although they will route through your personal business domain as normal. These services charge based on their load and the client will generally expect to pay roughly $30 per month for everything.

We also keep in touch with various SEO agencies and will be happy to contract out a Social Media Manager on a part time basis. Many clients have seen excellent benefits from a burst of social media advertising and so we advise all our clients to consider this advertising stream.


If you require configuration for advertising with Facebook, Google or other search engines, we are happy to configure and release an advertising campaign with them as part of your website.

We are also happy to maintain an advertising campaign as part of your social media strategy.